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Thursday, June 2, 2011

About Menifee Law

What can I say about Menifee Law? First, Menifee Law is a sub domain of the larger website Raxter Law was founded to provide client centered and cost-effective legal representation to the inland empire.

I bet you are wondering, "what do you mean by cost-effective?". Basically, it means that most legal services such as wills, trusts, business formation, legal research, contract review, and many other services can be performed for a "flat fee". This is different from many other law firms/offices because in general the legal profession lives and breathes the "billable hour". During my legal career, I realized that the system of hourly billing is antiquated, and most people would prefer a flat fee.  So, in order to please the masses, I have adopted flat fee billing. Plus, this relieves me of a large accounting nightmare. This "flat fee" system allows you to know exactly how much something will cost before you walk out the door.

With that being said, litigation is one example of a legal service that must be performed on a hourly basis, mainly because neither you nor I know how much work will be involved in a lawsuit (either bringing one or defending one). Some lawsuits are settled within weeks, others drag out for years.

On a side note, did you know that in our local area nearly 90% of cases are settled before they reach trial?