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Monday, December 12, 2011

Judgment Collection "How do I collect a judgment?"

Once a judgment is obtained (either in California, or domesticated from another state or country to California) the judgment-creditor must then take steps to enforce the judgment. A judgment is itself is nothing but a piece of paper. You as the creditor must actively "enforce" the judgment.

The most common remedies and enforcement procedures include:
(1)placing liens on real property owned by the debtor;
(2)levying upon income the debtor may currently have
(3)levying bank accounts.

The attorney at RAXTER LAW can also use different strategies to locate such assets depending on the individual debtor, including judgment debtors’ examination. This is the process where a "debtor" is brought into a court to give sworn testimony relating to thier assets.

In the end, the goal is to collect the judgment you worked so hard to obtain. As you can see this can be obtained in many different way. We prefer to enter into voluntary payment agreements with the debtor, thus reserving the "legal enfrocement" as the last resort. However, you as the judgment creditor are entitled to collect the judgment and our office will work to see that happens.

Raxter Law / Menifee Lawyer enforces judgments for its clients in a low to no cost manner.

If you have a judgment that you would like to have collected, please contact us today.
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