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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Southern California Eminent Domain Law Office

Under the law of eminent domain, municipal, state or federal governmental bodies have the right to take private land for public use. The power of eminent domain is used for public projects such as schools, government buildings, utilities, or transportation systems and highways. Eminent domain laws also give property owners the right to fair compensation and other remedies.

At the Southern California law office of RAXTER LAW, we protect the rights of residential and commercial property owners and displaced commercial tenants or business owners in the Riverside and San Bernardino County area and throughout Southern California.

If you have received notice from the condemnor of a Resolution of Necessity hearing, our office can represent you at that proceeding. If the condemning agency has made an offer to you that you believe is too low, we can help you obtain your own appraisal and negotiate for fair market value.

Did you know that California law requires that the condemning government agency pay the property owner up to $5,000 for their own appraisal?

California Eminent Domain law is set forth in the California Code of Civil Procedure.

Contact RAXTER LAW for a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your eminent domain matter. Give us a call at 951-226-5294. We look forward to speaking with you.

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